Art of Burning Man 2016

I tried many of the best modern art museums in the world. They brought nothing to me but disappointment. Every time leaving these places I was thinking is it me or this art really sucks and nobody has guts to say it out loud? Last attempt to appreciate a museum happened in the famous Guggenheim Museum of … [Read more…]

How to wear a cape jacket?

A cape coat is a very trendy thing at the moment. It can make you look elegant and classy. What you need to know is how to make it look right accompanying it with right clothes and accessories. First of all, be careful with pants and skirts. Notice the way the forms work together. I … [Read more…]


Tvboy is the artistic name and the brand created by Salvatore an Italian artist who started painting in the streets of Milan in 1996. He moved to Barcelona back in 2004 and since then he started to have international recognition and to display his works in galleries and museums of many different countries. I personally … [Read more…]

Roman Holidays

Last week was full of Italian joy: food, language and fashion. I stayed in Rome with the female part of my family, my mom and sister. The girls from Siberia could not help buying clothes regardless plummeting rouble. Throughout centuries Italians found the right way to woman’s heart. Their fashion is true art. The forms and fabrics, … [Read more…]

What is Teatromundo?

Hello! My name is Marina (Moonshine). Welcome to Teatromundo – my online fashion blog created to share with you the things that inspire me daily, my fashion, art and design admiration. I’m 24 years old, I grew up in Siberia and left it to study in Moscow State University of International Relations. I speak 5 languages … [Read more…]