About TeatroMundo

Hello! My name is Marina. I am a burner (playa name Hungry) and a young entrepreneur. I started this website as a fashion blog. However, last summer was full of travel and mind blowing experiences that made me rearrange this blog into something more.

From now on TeatroMundo  is place to share some of the most amazing things happening in the world. I travel a lot, visit festivals and get to know the most interesting cultural trends around the world. I hope you will find information here that can inspire you to create or learn something new.

I treat the world as a place of infinite exploration and opportunities to make it a better place. I inspire you to get creative right now! Think out of the box and give the best you can to this planet and people around you!

I will share my travel experience, spiritual exploration and cool scientific stuff. Also the art that touched my soul and made me see some concepts from a different angle.

I inspire you to express the most bright personality you have because its yours and unique! Therefore I will share some of my costumes and outfits here too. Please, feel free to send your outfits to me so we can make a collaborative page full of beauty!

Teatromundo is a meeting point for discussions, sharing common interests and meeting creative people.

If you read this blog – please feel free to contact me! Your feedback will be very much appreciated and it is my greatest pleasure to talk to people who have similar interests as me!

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone one of you for following me along the way.

Big hugs!