5 tricks for daily make-up from Divage Spain

Recently I was invited to try a professional make-up service in Divage Make-Up Studio in Barcelona. Visagiste Daniel gave me very useful tips and tricks for daily make-up. In this post I’d like to share some beauty secrets and tell you about the products that I really liked.


№1 Healthy tone

A healthy glowing skin has always been in trend. Divage has a really nice BB-cream that will help you to moisturize your skin correcting its tone at the same time. The tone correction is very subtle and looks quite natural. BB-cream also will protect your skin from the sun with SPF 15. For hiding dark circles or other imperfections I would suggest a combination of the BB-cream and concealer. Here they are!

BB-крем + корректор

BB-cream + concealer

№2 Foundation

The best way to apply  bb-cream is using a special foundation brush. Divage has a very good one which I immediately got for myself.  It helps to create a very natural and healthy tone on the face. Another bonus is that it’s very easy to clean.

Foundation brush

Foundation brush

№3 Contouring & Strobing

Moving to contouring and strobing  tips. First step is to make an even and light tone all over the face. For this purpose you can use a bb-cream and concealer or a tonal cream. Then following the scheme down below to put shadows and highlight on different zones of the face.

Strobing and Contouting scheme

Strobing and Contouring scheme

№4 Eyebrows

They say that eyebrows define the expression of the face and thick eyebrows are in trend. Brown pigment and a special brush will help to underline your natural form of eyebrows. I liked a special kit from Divage. It is quite convenient as you have two pigments, a nice brush and a mirror. The whole thing is very compact.

Eyebrow kit

Eyebrow styling kit

№5 Long lasting make-up trick

To keep your make-up longer on the face you can follow this trick. Put some color with an eyeliner first close to your eyelashes and apply shadows after that. In this case the pigment of the shadows will stay on your eyes for the whole day or night.


The same trick with lips. First comes a lip liner and then some lipstick. You don’t have to apply the line on the entire surface of your lips. Leave some lighter part in the center. This trick will add a visual volume to your lips.

I should say that Divage products have an excellent price/quality ratio. Here are the items that I personally tested and I am absolutely happy with them. So now I can recommend them to you.

Divage my choice

  1. BB cream (8 in 1)  and concealer (Face Perfection)
  2. Foundation brush
  3. “Velvet blush” #8702 and #8704
  4. Lipstick – Luminous & Satin, PlayGirl #3419
  5. Eyebrow styling kit

Love yourself! Be beauty!


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